In the Bedehouse next to the church

It is just so much fun being involved in Messy Church - whether you are a child, mum, dad, grandma or granddad, helper or friend. There are always lots of acticities around the Bedehouse which you can try as a family or with friends which explore the theme of the day. We usually stop at about 4.30 p.m. to listen about the theme, sing a song and pray before we enjoy a meal together. Pasta and pizza is generally favourite! We just ask for £1 per participant which goes towards the cost. This is recommended for primary age children and their families but preschoolers and teenagers are welcome - after all, we can all do with some time to chill and be with friends once in a while

On a Sunday morning we want the children to have the chance to take part in worship, prayer and praise and to discover who God is for themselves. 
Godly Play takes place in the Bede House, starting at 10.30 whereby a storytelling presentation is shared with the children who are invited to consider what this means for them. They then have the opportunity to explore this with a choice of activity, followed by a time of sharing together, in prayer and a ‘feast’  (grapes, bread and squash). We have found this programme to be very much enjoyed by the children. We finish at 11.15am when the children rejoin their parents in church.


Meet in church on Wdnesdays in term time at 2 p.m.
​followed by refreshments and play in the Bedehouse