Benefice Newsletter
Sunday 10th December

CHRISTMAS FLOWERS:  If anyone would like to donate towards the cost of Christmas flowers in memory of a loved one please contact Karin Matson (312786).

CHOCOLATE CATALOGUE:  Once again we are selling chocolate to raise funds for the church.  If you have had a catalogue please can you return it with your order ASAP to Karen or Monique so that we can redistribute the catalogues to other people.  If you would like a chocolate catalogue please let us know.
NEW YEAR’S EVE BARN DANCE in the Bede House on Sunday 31st December, dancing to Ock’n’Dough, a super Ceilidh Band.  Tickets priced at adults £20 & children £10 are now available from Karen, but are limited so please purchase as soon as possible if you wish to come.

CHILDREN SOCIETY BOXES:  Please return all boxes for the annual count and leave them at the back of the church.
ETTIE GREEN will celebrate her 98th birthday this week.  She hopes to be at the Coffee Morning in the Bede House on Saturday 23rd December to see a few friends and remember old times at St Mary's - health and weather permitting! 

Parking in the Church Yard is for disabled badge holders only.  The entrance to the Church must be kept clear in case the emergency services need access.

Coffee Morning every Thursday, 10 am to 12 noon, in the Bede House.

Please use the cards and box at the back of the Church for names to be added to the prayer list on the news sheet.  If you know anyone who would benefit from a visit or Home Communion the initial contact is Lynne Pocock, email, tel 311370. 
You are reminded that there is a Prayer Request Board by the Madonna and Child at the front of the church, with a pen and slip of paper for your use.  The prayers on the board are offered at the altar at the Masses during the week.  They do not require a signature, and you can take the opportunity to light a candle if you wish - or not.

Please leave votive candles to burn out.  Blowing them out can cause splashes of wax which are difficult to remove.


Please send news sheet items by Wednesday evening to